10 majaa 2022

Pani Marzenka i Przyjaciele z UK

Dear Marzenko, dear Friends,

From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU! We thank for your commitment, ingenuity and incredible time and effort spent on preparation of the gifts sent to our Foundation for the benefit of people hit by the war in Ukraine.

It has been an incredible experience for us, but mainly for people to whom this help was addressed. We are receiving constant stream of messages with warm words of gratitude and love. We want to make sure that these words also reach you – people that made this help possible!

Thanks to you and your contribution, help has been delivered directly to people in need located in Ukraine, namely:

-          Grand Orphanage near Sambor;

-          Children in Jezupol;

-          Military – Neuropsychiatric Division in Melnica Podolska;

-          Refugees and military in Plebanówka near Tarnopol. Our transport has been delivered to Sister Samuela and we have no doubt it has been distributed to the relevant hands. Next transport is planned later in May.

Our help was, still is, and beyond doubt – will be needed for a long time to come. Therefore, it is our aim to continue delivering assistance wherever we can. We pass our sincere gratitude for your help to date and we hope to continue to work with you!

Our beloved Marzenko! We especially pass our thanks to you! You have showed a titanic effort in what might have seemed impossible to many. To organize, coordinate and finalize a transport of this magnitude was a miracle – and we are honored to be part of it!

We thank our British friends for all the help and we kindly hope for your continuous support of our Foundation.